May the best speaker win?

So, we now have a new President! This isn’t something I have really mentioned and I don’t plan to all that much. I listened to quite a bit of what each candidate had to say. There were things that made/make me nervous about each as well as things I really like about each. I don’t think the media is fair. I’ve paid attention to all the statistics from late night shows, celebrities, etc. True, they shouldn’t influence but I’m sure they do to some people. I think both candidates did a good job speaking. However, I think there were previous Republicans who picked Democrat and previous Democrats who picked Republican. So, it was a very interesting election. I’ve heard one too many arguments and I am honestly glad it is over!

I don’t think President Bush “got us into the mess” all on his own. It is a team of people with all sorts of worldly factors. I like to think they did what they could. That is another story. Now, a new team is taking over. We can hope and pray the do good for this country.

Michelle Obama is pretty and so is her new house.

carpe diem – megan

“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them to become what they are capable of being.” ~ Goethe


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    wouldn’t you just love to live at the white house? i would!

    don’t feel bad for not watching… i caught up on the hills instead and didn’t feel bad about it for one single minute=)

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