The earlier, the better!

I wish Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas were celebrated throughout a six month period. However, they are not. Today, before I met Brent for lunch, I stopped into JoAnn & Michael’s. I was thinking perhaps I would get some fall decor. Well my selection was minimal. it was all already on clearance (along with Halloween)! I was thinking they would have a full stock and people would start purchasing after Halloween several weeks before Thanksgiving. Instead, they had full shelves of Christmas EVERYTHING! Yes, this is exciting. Christmas is my favorite….but I kind of feel like I’m skipping Thanksgiving. I could go fetch the container out of my attic with Thanksgiving decor from last year. That would be most logical anyways. When I came out of the stores, I noticed the mall’s parking deck had Christmas garland already up on the side of it! So, it’s’s coming! I will have a few fall treasures around my house. I have surgery the week before Thanksgiving and then Brent and I are going to visit my family in DFW for Thanksgiving. So we will be Thankful!

All day I craved this….

and I got even more excited about this!! We head to NYC in about a month :)

Today my car went into the shop. It has been making a horrid metal rubbing sound for a few weeks now. I finally couldn’t stand it anymore. They called and told me my front breaks were done for and back ones needed to be cleaned…all for a lovely $350.00.. UGHH

I LOVE Sophia Bush, but the Hitcher is a GROSS movie…we are watching it now. I much prefer her in One Tree Hill. I should not even be up this late!

hearts – megan

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.” ~ Hamilton Wright Mabie


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    i know we’re always talking about christmas, but your christmas posts make me so happy! the starbucks cup and the tree… so exciting…such a joyful season :)

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