Journey it is…….. (with corrections)

The fist time I typed this it was very quick and I did not edit it. I made a few minor changes.

I wasn’t sure of title for this..or if I wanted to post about it. I read so many blogs about people and their journeys in doing and dealing all sorts of things. My husband and I would like to start a family hopefully in the near future. I think this post will explain the first part of our journey in doing so! Also, I honestly think it might could help people who are unaware of these things. I know it is kind of a “girl issue”…however, I think the only guys who read this are husband, dad & brother and they already know this. If any others are hopefully they are someones one of those!

*When I say “they” ..I’m meaning the doctor I go to and his nurses.

In Mid September I went to have some lab work done for my normal gyno. They do NOT typically do lab work at an annual appointment. My period was about 58 days late and I had no positive pregnancy tests. I got on birth control when I was about 16 and stopped taking in February (bc doctors were thinking it may be the cause of a rash on my entire body…which I’m now certain was black hair color). From Feb until July, I spotted a little a day or two a month. My gyno’s nurse called and said according to the lab work, I showed signs of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). This would mean having cysts constantly on the ovaries. She gave me the name of a fertility doctor and said he deals with this and hopefully if I did have it, he can correct it and then send me back to them. I had to wait two weeks for the appointment, which was pretty stressful. Of course I researched on the internet..which they encouraged me not to do. Not everything I read was even accurate. Researchers aren’t sure why women get PCOS but it is the leading cause of infertility. It has to do with insulin in the reproductive system. Basically, my ovaries and or reproductive system being insulin resistant. This produces more male hormones and creates cysts and does not process carbs and sugar as it should. It creates cysts with them.

The doctor I was referred to does gynecology and fertility. Brent and I had our first appt on Oct 7th. We both had to answer some interesting questions on a questionnaire! After, he did an exam. Basically, the doctor examined my whole body. NOT fun! I also had a sonogram for about 10 minutes. He was able to show Brent and I on screen a lot of things inside my body and everything that was going on with my reproductive system…quite an experience.

They found I do have a lot of cysts on my ovaries and they are big. They feel confident that giving me a medication that they would give someone that has diabetes, will help the cysts. I do not have diabetes.. but it will help my reproductive system utilize and process insulin. I am supposed to do some sort of Atkins/South Beach diet..actually lifestyle. They encourage high protein and less carbs. They say I’m on the skinny side for someone with PCOS because typically it makes someone gain weight (which I have in the past year..about 8 lbs.). However, if I cut down carbs and sugar my chances of helping this some are a lot better. This will more than likely go until full effect after the surgery. I haven’t done much yet because they didn’t want me labs that altered.

While doing the sonogram, the doctor found that I have a septate uterus and would not be able to carry a baby if I were to get pregnant. Basically, this means my uterus is shaped like a heart instead of an oval. The heart shape is connected from top to bottom in the center. It is divided into two cavities instead of one big one. On Friday morning I will have a hysteroscopy and a laparoscopy. The hysteroscopy means that he will go up through the vaginal area and be able to see into the uterus. The laparoscopy means he will go through my belly button and be able to see more and other things and ovaries. I will also have an incision on my hair line. He will clip the deviated part of the uterus. They say it should pop up and become open as it should be. They will also be able to determine if anything else needs to be done at that time. They will have a laser close by in case there should be anything else they can repair.

They say I’ve not done anything to cause this, I was just born this way. Being on birth control for as long as I was is actually a good thing because that slowed the process of the cysts. However, I would have been having a period if I were on birth control and would not have had the lab work that signaled this issue.

I am still learning about all this stuff. They are very grateful that they found out all this out and are doing these things before trying to have a baby. It could have been a 2 year process after a miscarriage. I had my pre op appt on Monday. I had lab work, watched a video, had a small exam and a conversation with the doctor and nurse. It helped my feelings but made me a little more scared at the same time.I’ll be down for a few days after the surgery and then sore for a few weeks after. I will go on some meds and maybe birth control pills after the surgery to heal the uterus. He says he will no a lot more once he goes in. I wish they could take the cysts out too..but it doesn’t work like that. Instead, I’ll get on meds and they will keep a close eye to see how the meds are doing. Once I have three good menstrual cycles, the fertility doctor says it would be healthy to try to get pregnant.

So..that is it!..for now anyways..if you have any questions, feel free to ask..a few of you have :)

Please keep us in your prayers and I will keep you all updated. I also go back two weeks after the surgery.

xoxo – Megan

When Jesus turned and saw her, he said, “Be courageous, daughter! Your faith has made you well.” And from that very hour the woman was well. – Matthew 9:22


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    I think it’s great and brave of you to share Megs! You go girlfriend 😉 Erik and I will be thinking and praying for you and Brent Friday and during your recovery! We love you!!!

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    Thank you for sharing… I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers this week and on friday esp. I am glad that they have found all this before tryinig to have kids… God will take good care of you!

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    Sorry I’m so late commenting on this one. I read it a couple of days ago and let it sink in and have been thinking about you and Brent since then. I love that verse you put at the bottom of your post. Yes, sister, be courageous and keep the faith. This is scary, but you do not have a spirit of fear! I will be thinking of y’all and of course lifting you up!

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    I just wanted to say Thanks for posting this. Im not sure how i came across your blog, but I did on the day you happened to post this. It was a huge confirmation for me because I have a lot of the same things going on and doctors keep telling me “its nothing” when I know its something. So this was an encouragement to see Im not the only one. I’ll keep praying everything works out for you both. Thanks again for sharing this on your blog

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    hey—I just came across your blog. I'm really sorry about the PCOS but I pray that your road to a family be quick and painless. My hubby and I are in the process of trying now…it can be so stressful. I had a miscarriage about a month ago. It all can be the most frustrating, painful thing ever. I'm praying for your journey that it be in Gods perfect timing!


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    Hi! I came across your blog on "The Glamorous Life of a Housewife". I am so sorry to hear about Cohen, I know that must have been a terribly heartbreaking experience.

    One thing I wanted to ask you about was the septum in your uterus. My gynecologist discovered that I have a similar issue – a septum that creates 2 uteruses and 2 cervixes. I don't think she said I needed to have the septum removed, but I can't remember…it was a lot of information to take in. For you was the surgery a necessity or optional? The fact that you posted about it is really helpful because, though I knew there were other women with the condition, I felt pretty alone.

    So thank you. :)

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