It took me 10 minutes…

to talk myself out of this!

On Wednesday night our friends Kyle and Jessica came over for dinner :)

While shopping for groceries I stopped in frozen foods to get Jessica some chocolate ice cream because she has had a craving for it lately. I came across the above ice cream. I LOVE amaretto and my dad got me hooked on chocolate covered cherries when i was very little. I wanted it so bad. I told myself not a few weeks. They only have it around the holidays. I can’t wait.

Jessica is very pregnant and so cute! This is a picture of her and I from September. Little Lucy should be coming around the first week of December!

We had a great dinner with Kyle and Jessica and then we watched Iron Man! I like the movie all except the ending fight scene of it. Brent and I actually saw it in the theater. Of course, Gwyneth is the best part of it :)

I did get more of this. It is cinnamon vanilla coffee creamer. I had it last year and i really liked it! If you like creamer in your coffee, give it a try!

I have decided to decorate for Christmas today and tomorrow :) I still think everyone skipped over Thanksgiving as far as decor goes. However, I will still celebrate. Next weekend I’ll be down after surgery and the following we will probably be out of town for Thanksgiving. I don’t want to wait until the 2nd weekend in December to decorate.

happy weekend ~ megan


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    Hi Megan, I’m friends with Lesli and just checked out your blog…we have lots in common girlfriend! Love, love, love me some cinnamon vinalla creamer and also I’m decorating for Christmas this evening and tomorrow as well. Great minds……………..

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