I'm back in the running

was the subject of the email I received from my husband this morning.

We were very avid watchers of last seasons Bachelorette. He found out that "Bachelorette" DeAnna Pappas and her fiance that she picked from the show, Jesse Csincsak, have split.

This is indeed sad. Brent picked DaAnna to win the second she got out of the limo on the Bachelor. She was lead until the end and not picked. On the Bachelorette, she picked between Jesse and Jason, who I loved!

Jason is the new Bachelor for the upcoming show. So I cannot wait to see it. I didn't really imagine Jesse and DeAnna together. She really is so pretty! I'm not sure if you can re-watch the season, but you should!

It is cloudy here. Elton tried to get me to get back in bed..I did not.

Have a good day!!

:) ~ Megan

DeAnna & Jesse


  1. splitsville? no way ~ they even set a date! i have to get on the gossip sites now!

  2. oh no! i loved jesse... good for jason that he is going to be the next bachelor but he is just TOO sweet... it would get annoying


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