I haven’t washed my hair

in SIX days!! Yep, you heard me. In fact, I’ve only taken two real showers in the past six days.  I have spent about 4 days in bed…therefore, not getting all that dirty. I haven’t even felt like blogging for the past 5 days. Why do you ask…. revert back to this post.

Here is the past few days…. I was scheduled for Surgery on Friday, November 21st at 8am and to be there at 7:15am. More post surgery details are in the post linked above. I got a message after 5 on my cell saying the surgery had been pushed back for an emergency before mine. The nurse said come around 8:45-9 and hopefully I’d be in the OR by about 10 or 10:15. A little recap: I had to start liquids on Thursday and Thursday evening I had to drink a prescription detox formula…not the greatest thing I’ve ever done.  Brent and I sit in the patient waiting area for 3 hours and my parents in the large waiting area. Cold, tired, starving and stressing. I go into OR about noonish. It was weird just walking back in a gown, barefoot with the nurse. The doctor was nice and introduced me to an intern. They had me climb up on the table and adjusted me until I was comfortable. They start putting stuff in the IV on my hand (hand 2 IV, hand 1 IV didn’t work after about 10 attempts…detox dehydration). I was in surgery for about 2 hours and in recovery for about an hour. I got home 3:30pm. 

My doctor talked to me for a bit after surgery. Why? I do not know. People don’t remember anything when they are coming off of anesthesia. My mom said I probably woke up asking him questions and he answered. I remember nothing past starting to cry when I woke up in recovery because I hurt so bad…then waking up at home in bed. He spoke to my mom about the surgery once I was done. She remembers most of it..I think…she keeps saying “oh and he said….” a lot. So, a week from this Friday, I will get the whole scoop.

In the meantime, he told her that my uterus looked healthy besides being mis-shaped. He was able to clip the part he wanted to in order for it to become the shape it needs to be (I will have a sonogram/x-rays in a week). He said my fallopian tubes looked really good. He did find a small amount Endometriosis. He had a laser on standby so he was able to laser it all off. Endometriosis is tissue, similar to that of the uterus lining, that is develops where it should not. It can cause infertility and a large amount of pain. The doctor said I had started to develop it because of the way my uterus was shaped it was causing a back flow of blood and fluid. I am not sure if it will be gone forever since the uterus is fixed, or not. That I will find out. With the procedure he performed, the doctor told my mom I will have to have a c-section. This doesn’t bother me. I began thinking they weren’t bad at all based on what others have to say. What else….he said that more than likely I will need to go on Clomid. Brent and Megan plus 8? Maybe…probably not. Clomid is a common fertility medication that induces ovulation. It is also known to cause multiples! My mom said he said something about 6 months. She said she thinks he wants me to be monitored over a 6 month recovery period. She does not know the time frame he said for the Clomid or diabetes medication (which I will go on for the cysts) if he said one at all. This is kind of mumbo jumbo, I know. I will try to wait patiently for the whole scoop, the plan of treatment, timeline and everything else the doctor has to tell me.

Today is Wednesday and hopefully I feel better than yesterday. Yesterday I did walk around more. I have stitches in and around my belly button and on my hair line (where a c-section scar would be). Mine is a bit shorter than that of a c-section opening. After they cut through my stomach and its muscles, they had to fill it with air, twice. When they closed my openings, that air went to my shoulders…both shoulders.. back…and created a tummy that looks like 2 balloons are in it. I’m constipated and it hurts to “push” even air. Other remains are filtering out which isn’t fun. I’ve been working on describing parts of this. A decent description I’ve decided (and maybe I’m a wimp)…every morning when I wake up..or within about 10 minutes of my pain medication completely wearing off…I feel as though a horse has kicked me 10 times within the past 30 minutes. I could not get out of bed nor walk on my own for 2 days because my tummy muscles evidently normally do that for me. I was put on Demerol, which is the pain medication right under morphine. Not only do I still feel a bit of pain, it wears off quicker than it should and it doesn’t knock me out! My mom said I’m the only person she has seen it make hyper. The only things I’ve been able to taste are green beans and tomato/basil/mozz. This is awesome huh? I can’t imagine people who go through some of this…and have a baby during!!

There you have it! I know the pain is worth the gain. I sure pray so. I thank all of you for your prayers, emails and phone calls! Sorry this is quite lengthy…and the last paragraph is a bit bitchy. I’m sick of laying in bed and cramping. The Christmas movies have been nice and the little vacay from work is relaxing. I do not know WHAT I would do without Brent and my parents here to help. I love having a nurse for a mom. She even lets Elton sleep with her so he won’t jump on my tummy. I’ve had many visitors and some that even watch a full movie with me! Tatum has come over two days in a row to cuddle and watch a movie..All Dogs go to Heaven and Shrek. Thanksgiving is here and I want to celebrate my thankfulness! Hope you all are having a wonderful week! 

love, love, love ~ Megan

“Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, and you’ll find that you have more of it.” ~Ralph Marston


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    I am glad to hear the surgery went well. I have been praying for you! Ya for fixing everything!! I will continue to pray for your recovery! thanks for the update!

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