The fall foliage was pretty

in Tulsa this year. I really wish I would have taken some pics of it! I'm so use and spoiled to how pretty Arkansas is. Last year, my first fall in Tulsa, I swear it wasn't as pretty as this year. It could have just been the adjusting. As I've mentioned the stores put Thanksgiving stuff on sale quick this year. However, I had a few things I put out..for about a week. Then, our house turned into a winter wonderland :) pics to come...after Thanksgiving of course.

Love this wreath

On the hutch in kitchen


Like this..but I made the mistake of using real..it molded with no air.duh, megan

happy thursday & holidays! ~ megan

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  1. Fun! I LOVE that napkin holder! What brand is it? I need one for daily use!


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