Back in many ways..

We are back from Thanksgiving in Dallas! I say say Dallas but it is actually Bridgeport. It is my mother’s home town and I’ve been going there since I was born. I had not been in for some time so Wednesday Brent and Elton loaded our things and we took a little road trip. It was not bad drive…except I was still sore and Elton was pissed he couldn’t curl up in my lap. We had a great time. We ate, drank and visited with family. I even did some shopping on black friday. I was still a little fuzzy and left my camera battery charger when I was packing…so, no pictures :( Terrible of me, I know. My family is cute and so fun. I wish we got together more often..perhaps, we can work on that.

I feel like I’m back too. I don’t feel like total shit like I did this time last week. My tummy incisions are still a bit sore..inside and out..but overall, I feel a lot better! Now, I just wait for my post appointment on Friday.

I hope everyone had a happy happy Thanksgiving!! I’m thankful for you all! More soon.

hugs and kisses – megan

“The best part of life is when your family becomes your friends, and your friends become your family.” ~Danica Whitfield


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    I had to have my gallblader out 4 years ago friday and I had incisions like you and they doo hurt soo dang bad.. cutting thru all those muscles is no fun:) praying for a coninuted recovery!

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