A few days ago while meeting a friend for lunch, I stopped into Williams-Sonoma. I love this store..espically around the holidays! A few things caught my eye….

I thought this peppermint bark looked yummie. I immediately got on the phone with my mother to get a recipe for it that she most definitely had. I cannot wait to make it. I thought it looked so yummie and cute in the candy dish, I got it too!

As I was walking around, a sales associate approached me with a plate of this..

It was very yummie! She gave me a decent portion too. This is the box it comes in right at the store. I guess it could be defined as a “quick fix”…You just take it home and prepare!

I’ve gotten a few of these over the years….Williams-Sonoma has the holiday touch!


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    my favorite is their peppermint hot chocolate. i can’t WAIT to stock up very soon! happily, austin has one of those huge williams-sonoma stores. loves!

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