What should my pumpkin be?

So, elton has never had a huge problem wearing a little something here and there. His first outfit was a pumpkin I do belive. At first, he won’t walk around in the outfit. He just freezes and stands still. However, once we take the outfit off him, he wants to attack it. It is nuts! It is almost like he gets so mad that we take it off and he wants it back. Now, he has all kinds of clothes. They are mostly red and have something to do with football or the razorbacks. He does like a little sweater here in there. Halloween outfits entertain us all though…WHAT should he be??? I picked up these two. What do you think?

elton the bumble bee

or elton the hot dog..

Yes, Brent and I clearly have the cutest dog ever. They are my boys and I love em!

I’m glad this week is coming to an end! We are heading to Fayetteville for the Ole Miss game! Keep your fingers crossed. The Razorbacks aren’t doing so swell this season. It will be the last game of the season we attend!

I’m getting excited about our anniversary (Tuesday). I’d ask opinions on a cool gift for Brent but he reads this thing..soo shhh. I’m not sure if I’ve got my email on here any place but if so, feel free to email me ideas!

xoxo ~ megan

“…but there are some things I know for certain; always throw spilt salt over your left shoulder, keep rosemary by your garden gate, plant lavendar for luck..and fall in love whenver you can.” ~ Practical Magic


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