Picture overload….

My computer won’t even upload anymore pictures! Actually, Brent’s computer..that I have somewhat taken over! I had a desktop, a brand new one, when I started college. Then, I began to use his MAC G4 laptop. Honestly, I don’t know why I ever used a desktop. Wireless is one of the greatest inventions in the whole wide world. However, my pictures, and the quality my camera is set to take, have used just about all this computer’s space!

I do think my next computer will be a MAC. Brent says he is going to get me one strictly for pictures. This one has probably 7000 songs and I now 7000 pictures. I am going to purchase an external drive! This way, my pictures will be backed up and off this computer. I do plan to put them on cds as well. I liked to be organized about it too.

I have been quite annoyed lately that I’m behind on uploading and posting pictures. I just look through my camera. So, hopefully, if I have a relaxing Sunday, I can get that taken care of!

Last weekend Brent and I spent the weekend in Fayetteville for a football game. My parents were here in Tulsa from Thursday-Monday to help my brother move into his apartment. That was nice that we could spend some time with them. My mother is a shopper and cooker so that is always nice.

We have no plans this weekend! My friend Jamie’s birthday was last weekend but she was working and we were out of town so I think some celebrating will go on this weekend! Tomorrow night, Thursday, we are celebrating Dara’s birthday :) I’m getting picked up in a limo and we are heading to dinner. A group of people are going to see Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift but Brent and I are not. I love celebrations though.

Speaking of concerts, I need to keep up with the music scene around here! I get annoyed when I miss something. For instance, Beck and MGMT will be here on Sunday but it is sold out. I do not know really why we have so many Sunday shows around here, but we do. Lil Wayne was scheduled this past Friday (when I was in Fayetteville)..it got canceled and moved to Oct.10th..so perhaps I’ll get my way to that. The fair starts tomorrow! So, we are going to a few concerts at the Rodeo next weekend! I love fall…and I love that there is a pumpkin patch close to our house that I drive by every day..I love that in turns into a Christmas tree farm right after pumpkin time!

Brent looked through my blog the other day while I was at worked. He called me and said he really thought I should get a new picture of our kitchen up so people were not mistaken from the picture I posted when we were buying the house. It has completely had a makeover! A lot of things in our house have…So, perhaps in one of my next few posts I’ll show some “before” and “afters”..

Today I am excited about the new Lipstick Jungle season starting, decorating for Halloween and quesadillas for dinner. Fun huh? I liked Cashmere Mafia as well as Lipstick Jungle..but for some reason is got canceled. Who does the “cancel” the show polls? I want to be included!!

xoxo ~ megan

“…if you haven’t, you should; these things are fun and fun is good.” – dr.suess


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