Fall is approaching…hopefully!

Hi all :) So, I feel as though fall is approaching. The temps are beginning not to be quite so hot. They are warm but there are more cool days than usual. I love fall & winter. There is SO much I love about them….here are a few things!

I love..football..mainly, the Razorbacks..even if I feel as though they might be lame this year. Tailgaiting rocks…CAMP MCFAYED pics to come!

I love….HOLIDAYS..all of em!
(Christmas 07)

My mom’s baking during the holidays…she made these on a random Tuesday in August..so I can have them any time..sadly..but during the holidays, she makes abundance..maybe you will get some with our Christmas card!

Halloween is fun!

Fall TV! I love so many shows on the fall, I can’t show you visually, I’ll do a few then list some!
Love One Tree Hill – Brent and I have watched since it first began. LOVE Sophia Bush!

Gossip Girl is addicting and good

I’ve slacked from Grey’s before but last season I loved it all over again

We’ve not always had HBO, but we do now..We are caught up with Entourage. It’s good!

I also love..
Law & Order: SVU
Without a Trace
CSI: Miami
America’s Next Top Model
Lipstick Jungle
Ghost Whisperer
Big Love
Jon & Kate Plus 8
The Hills
Samantha Who?
Dirty Sexy Money
Brothers and Sisters
New Adventures of Old Christine
True Life

Ones I’ll be interested to decide on…
The Ex List
Gary Unmarried
Kath and Kim

I liked Private Practice but lost track of it.
I liked Cashmere Mafia but it got canceled

SCARY huh! If I’m as busy as I was last fall, you will find me watching all these every Sunday! It’s actually very fun. After all, I can’t miss the fair! Luckily, my husband gave in a long time ago and decided if would just be best to like the shows I did. I do like watching football too!

This fall, I may actually get these…I’ve never had them but all the sudden I think I want some..everyone says they love theirs..

I’ve been addicted to these for many years….they are a fall winter shoe, I think they would look funny with shorts?

Well that is all for now….we got new couches and a mattress…they are AWESOME. I’ll post pics soon! Until then, LOVE! ~ Megan Nicole Marshall the first

“To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.” ~Emily Dickinson


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