happy new years :)

hi to all :)

So of course it has been a few days TOO LONG since I have written! BAD me :( I have proabaly the busiest life EVER right now. I really don’t mind too much :) December was fun! It was filled with holidays, which are my favorite! Our good friends, Kristen and Judd, got married! So that was a fun week. Brent and I helped with an engagement party for another couple, Micah and Specer. I had my friend Amy’s bachelorette party in Shreveport, LA, and my family came to my house for Christmas! It was nice not having to spend any time traveling. We loved having them. My mom is the best cook in the world. The week after Christmas, we left on Saturday and went to Dallas for New Years. We stayed at our friend Sheridan’s a few nights then at the Adam’s Mark Hotel for New Years Eve. It was fun, of course. We went to the cotton bowl with Conway & Dan…now that, not so fun… we lost and it was cold!

After 2 short weeks at work, I got one more for my birthday :) I liked that my birthday was on a Friday. I had a wonderful 24th birthday! Brent got people together for dinner @ the Bistro. That same weekend we helped with a party for another couple, Mitch and Kylie! Tis the season of weddings. Last week, I had a wine night at my house and had the girls over for wine and dinner! This past weekend was relaxing. Friday we hung out with Brent’s parents and their friends then went to Judd & Kristens. Saturday we rested…then ate with Judd & Kristen and rested some more! Sunday we had lunch and spent time with Jessica & Kyle and Jared & Clayton. Always fun! That brings me today, Monday!

One of my best friends is getting married this next weekend! So, we leave after work on Thursday to head to Texarkana! I cannot WAIT! :)

So, overall things are going great. I really do enjoy living in here. I learn new things and little new places every day! I love how big the city is but doesn’t feel TOO big. I’m so thankful that I’ve made a great group of friends as well. I’m fortunate too that I’m a traveling machine and get to see a lot of my friends often! :) Well I better get going. More soon! Love ~ Megan

Our Christmas Card :)


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