an update, finally!

Hi - Well I have been so VERY terrible at updating my blog. I want to, I really do..but I just forget! I don't sit in an office therefore I only get on the computer when I'm not doing anything at home. I'm currently trying to get my home in order since we've been moved in for a while now! We did get a new 42" flat screen, fridge, washer & dryer! So I'm loving the new stuff! Oh, and I'm still unpacking wedding presents that are wonderful too!

The past few months have been extremely busy. Weddings, football and much more! We've been to Texarkana several times..Fayetteville, not enough. I had surgery in mid September...it has NOT been a fun ordeal. I'm on my way to recovery. I am sitting in an office today or I would post some pics from the past few months. My parents have come a few times. My mom stayed with us the week after my sugery so that was very nice and helpful!

The fair is in town. I love the food at the fair. My friends are coming this weekend! Shuggie, Katie & Erik! I can't wait. However the no wine is not going to be fun. I'm on strong meds. Next weekend, we are going to Fayetteville for the Auburn game. The following weekend, we are going to Texarkana for a wedding! So, life is busy...but oh so good :) I'll try to do better updating. We will see! love :)

"You are the child who danced in the sunshine, the young person who dreamed of changing the world, the admirer of all the beauty around you, a spirit who cannot be tied down.." - Ralph Marston

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