I'm still here...

Hiiiiiii friends :) So it's been a little over a week..time flies. Last Wed night we hung out at Morgan and Curtis' for Brent's brithday. Fun as always. Thursday night we went to dinner with some friends at In the Raw. Then, we went glow bowling! First time and I loved it. I SUCK at bowling but Brent is good. Sucessful birthday. Friday we headed to Texarkana. I had a bridal shower for my friend, Whitney, on Saturday morning and Saturday night was great! Amy asked me, Allison, Katie & Whitney to be bridesmaids :) We got to spend time together and Whitney had all her bridal party and fiance there! We of course, ended up at shooters. Fun times with friends I don't get to see enough.

This week is going by fast...which is good! We are just waiting to hear if we can close on our house on Friday. Everything is good on our part but we are waiting to see if everything is good for the seller. A relocation company actually owns the house so it's a pain. Monday night we went to dinner with the Middleton's (sorta family) at Los Cabos. Last night dinner at home with Morgan and the little one's. Tonight, Brent and I went to Home Depot to look at cabinet colors then to Pei Wei. We eat a lot. I'm ready to learn to cook !

Tomorrow I have a breakfast in-service for a Hospital Home Health & Hospice. I am the host so I must wake up earrrrly. Waaa.

Well I'm out. I'll put pics below ~ Megs

"Peaceful little dream, the kind that hurts the most, forget how it feels, well almost..." -NIN

Brent & I at the bowling alley on his birthday

Grant during "glow bowl"

Whitney & I @ her bridal shower

In Texarkana :)

When Amy asked us to be bridesmaids!

Brent & Amy dancing @ Shooter's


A month gone by...

Hi - Well basically I haven't posted in over a month. I am worse than I thought. Things have been crazy!! Maybe I will make this blog a daily activity like checking my email. Anyways, let's see....we are in the process of buying a house. When I say process, BIG process. I never knew it involved so much. Our closing date is set for July 27th but it might be a week or so before that! We are trying to pick out paint, lighting and all that fun stuff! Needs some updating! The kitchen is my favorite part. I will post a picture of it! It MIGHT just make me become a mini Martha or Rachel. We are having the cabinets stained a darker color.

Other news...our pup is sick! Well, he is not a pup but he does indeed have a heart condition. He has an enlarged heart...hypertension...allergies..etc. Bascially, since we have moved to Tulsa he has been sick. We are getting his on meds and hopefully stable! Sad sad sad.

We visited Texarkana for a friends wedding. That was a fun time seeing fun people. We also took a weekend trip to Oklahoma City and Dallas. We went to a Ranger's game and Robert Eark Keen Concert with our good friends Katie & Erik and Amy & Scott. It was fun and of course we are ready to do it again. Brent and I helped host a couples shower for Judd and Kristen at the end of June. It was wonderful. Kristen is now out of town for a month :( Training for her new job! One of my best friends, Amy, who lives in Texarkana..got ENGAGED!! It was a very special July 4th for her...I cannot wait to see her and celebrate this coming weekend!!!!! July 4th we just kinda hung out..It was stinky that it was in the middle of the week so we had to work the day before and the day after!

We hung out with our sick dog all weekend who had to visit the emergency vet all of friday night. Last night we went to a birthday party for our friend Jessica's dad. It was a fun little fiesta! Tonight Brent and I had dinner at his Dad's house. It was nice. Brent's birthday is on Thursday, I am planning a dinner and "glow bowling"...very exciting! Everyone is welcome.

That's life...of course that was brief. Nothing ever is :) I guess that's how I never get bored or slow down! If we decide NOT to spend thousands of dollars for painters, everyone is also welcome to come help us paint the house! HA..we will let everyone know when the house warming party will be! More soon :) ~Megan

I will attach a few pics below!

"The best thing in life to onto is each other." -Audrey Hepburn


Texarkana :) June 19, 2007

Dallas! June 23, 2007

Judd & Kristen's Shower June 30, 2007

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