Weekend Recap!

Happy Labor Day :) I hope you all had a nice weekend!

We had a relaxing weekend and didn't do much at all, which was fine by me! I feel like we've been going non-stop for a few weeks.

We, of course, watched the Razorbacks first game. It could have gone better, but it wasn't horrible. I love fall.

And can we talk about how these pictures popped up in a post the other day. My bitty babies! It was their first football season.

Oh how I love my big babies, but I miss those lil ones ;)

Knox & Sloane got some new Play-doh and toys for their birthday so they were very into them. Knox is showing me his frog magnet he made at school in the middle picture :)

We had some grass die so Brent did some watering this weekend. Here are the kiddos watching him. Yep, totally standing in the window sill :p It's so funny how they will talk and think he can hear them good outside! haha

I did a last minute Heart & Home sale this afternoon! It's just about over, but I think I may do some sales throughout this week :)

Yep, still loving pillows, haha!


Tuesday Tidbits

Happy Tuesday, friends!

We are still getting back into the groove of things. Knox & Sloane have short days at pre-school this week, so they days they go, they are only going 9-12. What really excites me is the carline starting tomorrow! This is amazing. I won't have to get out of the car at pickup or drop off. Their teachers put them in their carseats and get them out.

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