Monday Musings :)

I hope you all had a great weekend!

MAN, time is flying! Christmas is in ten days. Not even sure how that is possible?! It always seems like December takes forever to get here and then it passes so quickly. Makes me sad because I love December and the holidays.

We were all a little under the weather this weekend so we didn't do too much. It was probably helpful since things are only going to get busy from here on out.

First of all, be sure to check out Moms of Tulsa today! HOW CUTE are these DIY ornament glasses!?! We have a guest contributor on there today sharing details on how to make them :)

Knox & Sloane are loving Christmas and everything festive...including clothes ;) No clue where they get that, ha!

Knox woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and wasn't much into pics :p

So Brent's sister and her kiddos are moving to Texas. We are all quite sad. I spent time with her yesterday for her birthday and we are having the family over for dinner tonight. I have a feeling we will all see each other very often even a state away :)

Even though they love their holiday attire, if we are home Knox & Sloane are completely obsessed with wearing their Halloween costumes. They've professed that they want to be the same things for Halloween next year, lol. Making cinnamon rolls yesterday for breakfast :)

They've been champs fighting of the sickies. I think most of ours is allergies as we've been in Oklahoma, Texas & Arkansas several different times during the past month. With the change in allergens and weather, it's got us out of whack! This little guy felt rotten the other day and we could tell because he just wanted to lay around, but he still couldn't help but want to smile and giggle.

I've got some cute, festive things left over on Heart & Home! :) I will be able to ship daily this week as long as you place your order by 3pm cst.

I can't wait to share pictures from my best friend's wedding. It was SO much fun and she was such a beautiful bride! It was also a beautiful, freezing winter day :)

Be sure to also check out Every Day Cheer! I'm loving on interviews with some great gals and everyones' holiday posts!



YOLO, kids & elves

I haven't done the elf thing until this year and even still, I don't feel like I'm really doing much for character development. However, that will happen with time and when it does, thanks to the Internet, I'll have some great ideas :)

Since Knox & Sloane are three years old, I feel like they are just figuring out what the elf is up to. And when I say elf, I totally mean elves. It's probably no shock that I got a boy elf and a girl elf. It doesn't stop there, you will see the rest of the hoopla I got below. Anyways, our elves are moving around the house, but they aren't doing magic tricks or anything quite yet. Honestly, I don't feel like I can add one more thing to my "to-do" list. When I say list, I mean the things in my head I'm hoping that I remember to do, though many of them I just simply can't find enough hours in the day.

I'm moving the elves around to funny places and Knox & Sloane are tickled with that. They've done some funny things, too. Honestly, the past few years of Pinterest had me loving the elves and stressing out over them. We didn't even have them yet. Now that we do have them, I'm trying not to stress, at least this year, at three years old, about these two fake munchkins as I'm chasing Baby A & Baby B around.

Yes, they will always be my babies ;)

Peter & Poppy are their names. I helped Knox & Sloane by giving a handful of name suggestions and they made their selection. Pretty stinking cute if you ask me :)

See, I totally got sucked into the loot. In my defense, Amazon is the bomb and often times, you really can find things at a better price. 

Knox & Sloane love jammies. I can't imagine where they get that love, but lucky for them, Peter & Poppy have a few festive sets to deliver :)

I'm doing what works for us with the elves. Well, what works for me because I'm playing the role of two elves. I've definitely seen some things online that I want to use, but for the most part, I think to myself, we have quite a few years left of the elves. If I use all the cool things this year, what will there be? There will be stress in the years to come to top that! I'll need all sorts of things to do, right? Then, I think the elves will only be around as long as the kids believe in Santa, and well, who knows when that will be this day in age. I think it's typically earlier than later compared to years past. 

YOLO. You're only little once. 

They are only little once. That's all I can think at this point. About your elves. About the elves you don't even have. You don't have to have the elves and your kids don't need the elves.  They won't be robbed of anything. I've read several blog posts and articles about peoples' love and hate for them and really I don't understand busting any chops. If you hate them, great, an even better reason not to have them. If you love them and have the time, then show me your ideas! 

I know my kids will only be little once, but I'm trying to pick my battles and my magic tricks because if I'm going to do anything half-ass, it will be the elves. I do promise, though, to take pictures of the cool things to share :)  


a great gift for everyone :)

I've been working on gift ideas to get people this year and Netflix seems to be a good fit for quite a few on the list!

Netflix is used almost daily around here. At Knox and Sloane's age, we are pretty particular about what they watch as are they ;)

Last week, the new VeggieTales in the House series started. It's a Netflix Original and it was an immediate hit with the kids. It sends a good message and I didn't mind watching it at all. It's cute! Here is the trailer.

I love that the Netflix offers shows that demonstrate good friendships, dynamic duos. I think Knox & Sloane can relate to that as they are always together as well as making friends with new kiddos all the time.

You can check out 7 Fabulous Friendship Stories here.

For the adults out there, if you've not watched Parenthood, watch it on Netflix now! The last season is on TV right now so its' a great time to catch up. We watched the first few seasons on Netflix before we started watching on TV.

We've seriously watched so many series through Netflix. It's makes planning TV around the important things in life much easier ;)

Also, if you are a Friends lover, all TEN SEASONS will be on Netflix in January! I may or may not be really excited about it.

Anyways, that's my two sense on Netflix as a gift and what we are watching right now :) It's also easy to watch Netflix from any device. Any smart device, which can now be a phone, table or TV. We also watch with a Chromecast in our bedroom. If you don't have Chromecast, I highly recommend getting one!

Happy gift giving!

*I'm part of the Netflix Stream Team  :)

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