Midweek Randoms!

Happy middle of the week :) haha

  • So, tonight the spring weather started. It started quite fiercely, too. Thankfully our immediate area experienced no tornados, but there were some quite close. I've been praying for all of those who the storm touched. 
  • I think they should call spring "anxiety" here in Oklahoma because man, I've lived here eight years now and the sight of this still does a number on me.

  • I went to a funeral today for some sweet friends' dad. It was a sweet celebration, but it was so very heartbreaking. If you've been reading for a while, you may have heard me talk about Lauren. It was her Papa. Please keep them in your prayers and they've experienced such tragic loss several times within their family. I know Lauren is happy to have her Papa with her in Heaven.
  • The twinkies had a doctor appointment today. We had Sloane's ears re-checked and Knox has been under the weather for two days and turns out he has an ear infection, too. Sloane is being referred to the ENT because one of her ears is still bad and she has a passage where air is blocked in her nose. I'm not looking forward to it, but I definitely know it's best. I want her to feel good and be able to hear. Sloane went to school today and Knox did not. He wasn't even interested in getting out of his jammies, sweet love. And yes, he's still really into his Razorback hat. Even sleeping in it ;)
  • Gluten free pizza for dinner last night :) I'll share the recipe soon. My mom made this and it was great!

  • The light fixture I posted last week for Knox's room didn't work out so I'm on the hunt for another. The one I wanted for Sloane's room was discontinued so I'm also looking for her. I'm thinking this may be the one, plus the price is great!

  • The pictures we got for both rooms came in this week and they are so cute! Once they are framed, I'll snap pics of them!
  • We took Knox & Sloane to the aquarium over the weekend. They LOVE the aquarium. I went ahead and got a year pass because gracious with two visits, a family of four, you can get a year unlimited for the price of that!

  • I can't believe Easter will be here before we know it! Seems like it was just Christmas. I love Easter! But as we know, I love most holidays ;) 
  • I stay up way too late. I need to go to bed. There is just not enough hours in the day and I always feel like sleep is a waste of my time. I need to snap out of it. 




Ehhhh about eleven days since I opened my blog! Yikes! iwillgetbetter iwillgetbetter iwillgetbetter Let's be real, though, how in the world is it already the middle of March!?

  • We've had rain, sleet, snow and temps of almost 80. So, our climate has given us quite a bit of playtime indoors and out :)
  • We are still working on putting Knox & Sloane's new rooms together. I can't wait until they are all finished, although I'm not really an all-finished kind of girl, haha. I think they are going to turn out super cute! My favorite new item is the lighting I picked for Knox's room! 


Midweek Randoms!

Happy Midweek :)

  • How has it been a week since my last post!? I've really set high hopes of posting lots in March :)
  • We are currently waiting on more weather to show up. By weather I mean, maybe rain, maybe sleet, maybe snow. I'm not sure anyone really knows. I'm fine with whatever really. I kind of dig the snow lately! I do like to be able to get out, though, so as long as the roads aren't bad, I'm a bit more at ease. Today, though it was almost 60 degrees and two days ago we had multiple inches of snow. Nuts really. 
  • I don't know if I've just been looking at quite a bit of floral fabrics trying to pick bedding for Sloane, but this swimsuit caught my eye and I'm pretty sure I've got to have it! However, my torso is no where near that long, so it probably won't look quite the same on me, ha!

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