Prayer Requests & Such

These are all prayer requests that have come to my inbox or blog comments. If I left yours off, I apologize and please feel free to add in comments.

*Truman Gist - This is a little boy from the same town that I'm from. I actually worked for his grandfather many moons ago. In the middle of March, he was diagnosed with AML (acute myeloid leukemia)

*Baby Owen & Family- He had Congenital Heart Defects that were found at birth. He recently went to Heaven.

*Prayer Request
Please pray for PJ- She is in an awful marriage and she wants to end it but her husband says no, and has recently been making suicidal threats in reference to himself. It's just really really rough right now- she wants everything to be peaceful.

*Prayer Request
 I thought I was destined to never meet anyone and get married and have kids, but I am struggling with whether that's what I want and whether I should put myself out there. - Melody

*Prayer Request
My friend Alyssa just fought and beat breast cancer (while pregnant) last year. She recently found a lump on her arm and it was biopsied and determined to be cancerous. They did a full body scan last week and she has stage 4 cancer that has spread to her arm, liver, lungs, bones, and brain. She is 32 and has a husband and two young children. We know God can do miracles beyond what we could imagine so we are asking anyone we can to pray for her and her family. Here's a link to the blog post with her story:http://www.letterstoaubrey.com/2014/04/prayers-for-alyssa.html?spref=fb

*Remembrance Video for Jamie, which I posted about at the bottom of this post.

*Prayer request
I wanted to reach out to you to see if you wouldn't mind to pray for two of my friends.
-One just turned 31 weeks pregnant and found out she has preeclampsia, or at least the beginning signs of it. She had to go to the hospital today which is when this was discovered. Her blood pressure is elevated, feet are swollen, and she has protein in her urine.
-My other friend has been battling infertility for several years. Last year she had abnormal cells that they thought were pre-cancerous and so they did a D&C and gave her the all clear. Today she found out the abnormal cells are back and more aggressive. She has to have another D&C and has been referred to an oncologist and she was told she will likely have a hysterectomy. As you can imagine she is completely distraught and heartbroken.
Both of these ladies need to be lifted in prayer and the more people that can pray the better. Feel free to pass these requests to anyone who would be willing to pray for them.


*Prayer request
Good morning,
I have a prayer request that I'd so much appreciate you putting on your list. I recently found out that I have the same genetic disease that took my dad's life about a year and a half ago at the age of 53 (Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease). I would love prayers for God's wisdom and patience to surround my husband and I as we decide what our next step should be. Do we continue with our plans to grow our family? By what method should we do that?
-Prayers for my mom and the rest of my family as we all continue to deal with this disease that is still so new to our family.
-Prayers for my two siblings as they decide whether they want to get tested to see if they carry the mutation as well.
-And because I believe prayer is so powerful, I would appreciate prayers that I am one of the very few that has this mutation but doesn't end up showing any symptoms. Thank you so much! Blessings, Kendra

*Prayer request -
One of my friends Laura is in her early 30's and currently on a ventilator awaiting a double lung transplant. She has two beautiful young daughters (4yo and 2yo) and an awesome husband and family by her side. She needs a lung transplant ASAP. Please pray for her, her family and the family of the donor. If you want to follow along her story and leave support and prayers a page has been set up for her. https://www.facebook.com/BreathingforLaura

*Prayer request:
9 year old Ella in Pennsylvania. Going through medical testing, possible leukemia diagnosis.

*Prayer request:
Sent to me in an email: I had a friend post a link to that blog on Facebook to pray for the little boy with cancer. After clicking on the blog it truly pulled at my heart strings because the little boy with cancer is 4 years old and has a twin. They are praying for a miracle because at this point there is no treatment available from what I've read. The mom posted a post yesterday that I know you as well as I resonate with. It was about the thought of them being separated, one living here on earth and one being with our Heavenly Father. Anyways, if you were interested in just praying for this family or even posting for others to pray. I do not personally know these people but I know that is how the blog world works. People are connected together through stories and experiences.


Texas :)

{I'll postpone the prayer requests until tomorrow since I didn't get on the computer yesterday. So let me now if you have any others.}

Sloane and I are visiting Texas for a few days this week :)

Brent's mom was coming to take bridal pictures for our cousin and we thought it would be fun for Sloane and I to join the girls.

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