Five on Friday!

I'm a sucker for Valentine's Day and I love all things hearts. Although I pretty much love hearts year round.

I'm already trying to determine which Valentine's I want to do for Knox & Sloane to give their friends. And when I say which, that's short for there are thousands and thousands on Pinterest to pick from. I'm not a designer so I can't create anything from scratch, but I'm so thankful for all those talented artists who share the love with us all :)

As for adults in my life, you all will be getting our Holiday Card in your mailbox this month, haha! :)

I thought I would share five Valentine's for kids that are on the top of my list! I'm pretty sure all of these are free printables!






Be sure to check out Mix & Match Mama's Blog today :) She has some discount codes for Heart & Home!

Happy Friday!


So, this is happening...

Remember this one time, almost three and a half years ago, I had two sweet bambinos.

Well, how are those two already on bicycles!? 

Yep, you heard me. They are learning to ride BIKES. I still can't explain the magnitude of feelings the above picture gives me. They will be three and a half next month and every single day they are becoming more and more of who they are. They talk and they laugh and throw fits and they dance. It's crazy and wonderful.

When I see them on bicycles, though, they don't so much look like my babies anymore :( Can you tell that I hate time?


Midweek Randoms!

Happy Thursday :)

I hope you all have had a great week!

  • We've had a nice day off school Monday and I took a thousand pictures, but they probably need a post of their own :) It would really be most beneficial if I would actual post daily, ha!
  • So, the news had us totally thinking we were getting snow and we most definitely are not. I kind of wish we were because the kiddos are really itching to play in it! 

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