Tuesday Tidbits!

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  • We had a "snow day" today, which is funny considering by noon there wasn't hardly a drop of snow on the ground, ha! We got quite a bit yesterday and it was SO SO cold, so I think they figured roads and such would be yucky this morning and temps would be too cold. 
  • We didn't mind having extra snuggle time this morning and then Knox & Sloane had a follow up appointment at the eye doctor. They did awesome and the doctor said he was very very pleased with how their eyes tested. It's all a bit hard for me to understand, but they do see 20/20. Knox is to continue his glasses full time and Sloane can go with or without hers for three months until her next evaluation. 
  • They have lots of fun at the eye doctor and Knox just cracked us up getting up in the chair and lifting his glasses to the top of his head. I have more pics, which I've decided I want to start doing a weekly phone dump because, uuuuhh my phone currently has 6100 pictures on it! :) Those need to go somewhere! Anyways, here is one from today...for now. {and I know..Knox totally needs a hair cut! ha}

  • Yes, I most definitely love these sweaters. We got them at the Gap around Thanksgiving.  Ek, totally shouldn't have clicked onto the Gap. Everything is 30% off. Tempting. 
  • This was the beginning of the snow yesterday. I really do love snow coming down and love seeing it outside. Driving in it isn't my favorite, but I've done better this season. 

  • We are looking for the perfect very pale pink for Sloane's room. Any recommendations? Our top contender is Benjamin Moore's Frosty Pink. I probably should wait until I get bedding and her headboard to make sure the pink looks good with those, but it's like it would be most logical to have the room painted before putting those things in it, yes? haha. I'm also thinking I might having bedding made if I have any volunteers, email me ;) When I say volunteer, I totally mean I will pay you, but you must help me find you!
  • Knox & Sloane are really into Hula Hooping right now. It's hilarious. Notice the looks on their faces! This was Saturday morning and they probably did this for thirty minutes, haha.

  • We are currently watching a Razorback basketball game. I must say I've enjoyed watching basketball this year. I think I enjoy it this year, but I guess I've paid attention more this year. Probably helps that the Razorbacks are having a good season. 
  • Does anyone want to clean out my inbox for me? It's.SO.BAD. I try. I really do, but then I just get behind and give up. I THINK I catch most of the important things, but it's the worst feeling in the world when I miss something that I shouldn't have. I do have Unroll.me, but I need to pretty much add a million things to it. 
  • Oh, while I'm on the topic of things I need to do, I think I want to switch to Wordpress. Anyone have a good contact for someone that can help me with that?

Hope you all are having a great week! 


Healing Skin

I'm kind of a germaphobe. Public restrooms are my biggest nightmare, but in general, I know having wee ones it's important to wash those hands. I hate to see my kiddos sick, but I now they get their fair share of germs at school, which is normal and great, but thankfully the school is pretty proactive.

Me, I wash and sanitize probably more than I should. This is pretty typical in winter. I must also mention, we have a dishwasher that isn't quite up to par so I basically wash every single dish. Miserable, most definitely. I'm pretty bad about putting lotion on my hands after. I also know it would be most beneficial to put lotion on pretty quickly afterwards, too.


Midweek Randoms!

Gracious, things have been a bit hectic around here!

I hope you all are having a good week!
  • We had a fun Valentine's Day & week around here. Lots of love per usual :) I'll try to do a recap soon. 
  • We got a little bit snow Sunday evening, and quite a bit of ice, so we had "snow days" on Monday and Tuesday. We attempted to get back into routine today.

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